Meet and socialize with like -minded persons living with disabilities

Sweet Kind is the world’s first social media for Persons with disabilities. And it was born out of the need for a safe and interactive virtual space where people living with disabilities could discuss ideas, post questions, and share their knowledge with others. This social media thrives on the quality and richness of our topics, and the community members who make it all possible. Whether physical, developmental, behavioral, emotional, or sensory impaired disorders. Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Why Sweet Kinds was created

Since time immemorial, people with disabilities have been segregated, but the evolution of social media of modern day have make it possible for persons with disabilities to connect and interact easily with like-minded people all over the world. However, this advancement in technology doesn’t seems to really solve this problem as there is a need of a social media community specifically dedicated for persons with disabilities. There is no doubt that friends play important roles in our lives and that there are great benefits of having friends with similar disabilities. All this can be achieved easily by having a social media where people with different kind of conditions can easily interact with each other and share innovative ideas. These are the reasons why Sweet Kinds social media was created; it is an online community for people with disabilities. Users can register anywhere in world by filling out their information such as name, age, sex, etc. They will also answer few questions about their disabilities to categorized them whether physical, developmental, behavioral, emotional, or sensory impaired disorders. This information will help to make friendship suggestions to them of persons with similar disabilities on the platform. Sweet kinds also provide various helpful special need resources.